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aye jan-e-faraz itni bhi toufiq kisse thi.humein gham-e-hasti bhi gawara hai k tum ho By haseeb jalal karm karo ya sitm karo hum gilla karm karo ya sitm karo hum gilla nahin karte.magar hum jaisa log dubara milla nahin karte.mila do hak mein hum ko magar itna khayal karna. hum jaisa log dubara milla nahin karteBy haseeb jalal Duniya mein bahut gham mileinge Duniya mein bahut gham mileinge Sach mano achhe dost kam mileinge Jis mod par sab chhod jayenge saath tumhara usi mod par khadey ham milenge..By Tanveer Hussain

I am free from rivals; I'm now the destructress of rivals, victorious and triumphant; I've seized other’s glory like it have been the wealth of weaker dames, who don't endure long. I've obtained victory over these my rivals, so that I have my imperial sway over this hero and his persons.

Jab aap hanstay hain to lagta hai k insaan kabhi bandar thaa! Aray aap to naaraaz hee ho gaey... jab aap naraz hotay hain to lagta hai k insaan aaj bhee bandar hai.! ha ha ha!

Yaad karte hai tumhe tanhi me, Dil duba hai gamo ki gahrai me, Hume mat dhundo duniya ki bhid me, Hum milenge tumhe fir kisi, free SMS ki plan me!

You may ponder why Christians are going across the world to preach the Living Word of God and trying for getting them to Christ – adhering to is probably the key good reasons for this, among the many other Similarly important motives (Pursuing will be the instruction by Jesus Christ, just before He ascended to Heaven):

Medical get more information professional states to pathan: Appka aur aapki biwi ka blood group ek hi hai? Pathan: Hoga zaror hoga; twenty five saal se amara koon peeta aay..!

Zindagi ki chahat ka silsila hai, koi mil gya to koi bisher gya, Jinhain manga tha duaon principal, woh kisi aur ko bina mange mil gya.

In the event of Hindi prevalent users are unable to get these stunning Hindi font immediately. These font groups can help them for getting desired font promptly. So I have categorised all font in several groups In line with their appear and and design.

no ne can drive girl,she has right to choose her husband ..yajurved 6.24 gives her this correct ,but she should be celibate and likewise marry a celibate man of her selection

Tammana se nahi tanhai se darte hain, pyaar se nahi ruswaai se darte hain, milne ki to bohat chahat hai, par milne ke baad judaai se darte hain

kal to bahi kisi hasena ka bap ho ga By arsl yao he bey sabub na phira yao he bey sabub na phira karo koi sham ghar be raha kro, woo ghazal ke sachi katab ha ussay chupkay chupkay para karo.By Naeem

“In times of grief and sorrow I will maintain you and rock you and take your grief and make it my own. When you cry I cry and when you hurt I hurt.

A mother's Pleasure begins when new life is stirring within... when a little heartbeat is read for your very very first time, as well as a playful kick reminds her that she's never alone.

If even now your desired fonts usually are not located in uppers collections then this big selection will definitely comprehensive your need. Since this font selection is made up of the regularly downloaded Hindi fonts. These fonts are the gathering Utilized in day-to-day life of a Devanagari user.

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